8 Common Nutrition and Healthy Eating Myths Busted!

8 Common Nutrition and Healthy Eating Myths Busted!

In recent years, health and nutrition has been the talk of the town. The number of people opting for healthy and nutritious food is increasing day by day. Every nook and corner you can see a shop that sells nutritious food products, or products that help you enhance your fitness. Now there are sugar free, organic, gluten free, natural food products available in the market. Many fitness enthusiasts and people who have a taste for fitness opt for natural peanut butter without added sugar than a peanut butter which has added sugars. People are shrouded with so much nutritional information that it has become difficult to separate facts from myths. Let’s see the top 10 myths related to nutrition busted!  

  • Healthy Eating means Expensive
  • This one is the most common myth that is still not busted. Many still think that this is true and they keep avoiding healthy options. You do not have to go for a food product in the market simply because it says it is healthy. You can look around your local store and find healthy and delicious dates, seeds, cereals, pulses, nuts etc. It's just that you need to plan your diet cycle everyday to avoid over-expense. Instead of buying everything labeled as healthy, chart out the shopping list and only buy the things that you need for that particular week.


  • Eliminate carbs to lose weight
  • Carbohydrates are essential for building strength of the muscles and it gives energy to our body. It's mandatory that we take some form of carbohydrate to retain the strength and build macromolecules. What if we don’t eat carbs? The energy level in our body drops and we might feel tired and exhausted. So what is recommended? Switch to a low carb diet instead of avoiding it. Do not stick to any fad diet plans. This will only distort your health.

  • Consuming Fat leads to weight gain
  • Some are still scared of consuming fats because they believe it to cause weight gain. Yes, they do help in weight gain and even loss, when consumed in the right proportions. Not consuming at all, is a  myth. In fact fats help in lowering cholesterol, absorb vital nutrients, and also store energy.

  • You must not eat anything after 6 pm
  • This is something people think is true till date. Is it really true? The answer is NO. It’s true that late night snacking is not good for health but that doesn’t mean you mustn’t eat anything. Light snacking is preferred, for example salads.  You can consume smaller calories to fill in. 

  • Be skinny to look healthy
  • This age-old belief is still considered as true. Being skinny always doesn't mean you are healthy. A skinny person might look healthier physically, but the individual might be suffering from malnutrition issues or any other issues. It’s not being skinny or fat, but being healthy inside out is what matters. So be healthy to look healthy!

  • All type of juices are healthy
  • Certain people think that all juices are healthy. But the answer is NO. Fruits or vegetables should be consumed in their best form. A fruit should never be consumed as a juice because the juice will lack fiber and all the benefits of the fruit will be lost. Vegetables when consumed as a juice is healthier than its whole form. 

  • Probiotics works best for all
  • Probiotics are nowadays the most popular supplement consumed. But certain research has shown that probiotics don't actually work the same for all. Sometimes consuming probiotics may lead to negative effects in the gut microbes. Probiotics are really a good supplement. You must personalize and consume it according to your dietary requirements.

  • Snacking is so bad!
  • NOT at all! Snacking when done healthily does matter. You can add small snacking meals in between your larger meals. You can include dates, nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts etc. Seeds like melon seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds etc also contain good nutritional elements. Eating smaller meals in between is a good way of diet to keep yourselves full and you won’t skip to a larger meal later. Snacking is also a form of relieving your stress. 

    With the evolution of the internet, it's hard to keep up with the facts and myths. But we mustn’t get lost in the falsified information. Keep on researching till you understand the facts. Now, you don’t have to get confused as to what healthy options you should choose. At Ajfan,we have the best and healthy snacks and nutritional products for your health. Acacia Honey (100% Pure), Ajfan Mamra Almonds , Brazilian Nut, Medjoul Jordan Premium Dates etc are some of the popular nutritional options chosen by our customers. 

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