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Mohamed Kutty Nechikatte



To become the first choice of customer for dates, dry fruits, nuts and other precious items in fruits and vegetables along with imported drinks and wines by bringing the freshest and highest quality to maximum number of customers through our own shops across India. Our priority lies with consistently keeping up our customers by serving them the products without compromising the level of quality.


We endeavour to achieve our vision by following international standards of quality, right from selection till after sales service. For that we have our own dates farm in the Middle East and we cultivate and sale pure organic dates in 40 + varieties. On the other hand we import fine quality Nuts, dry fruits, exotic fruits, vegetables and drinks from the source from which they are available at their best.

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Varieties of dates, nuts and dry fruits from countries like Iran, Afghanistan, United States of America and Dubai. The best dates that grow in Saudi Arabia are offered to our customers in India.The hand-picked dates are hygienically processed to ensure the best quality. Our exclusive farm fresh yellow dates are a catch for the season!

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At Ajfan, we respect and connect with Mother Nature and earth and we do not do anything that does not go in sync with nature. Hence, dry fruits that we grow at our farm are free of pesticides or insecticides. The cultivation measures that we have been using are purely organic. There is minimal use of machines and we prefer using hands for our cultivations. We ensure that each pack of our dry fruits are hygienic and do not contain any preservative. Keeping nature intact and saving the environment is our way of giving back what Mother Nature has given us!

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An exclusive brand that has been in business for more than 10 years, we at Ajfan, just does not want to compromise the quality and the love that we send in each pack of our dry fruits! We kick-started in 2013 with the motto of serving the country with the best dry fruits and imported products.