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  • Khudri Premium Dates

Khudri Premium Dates

Khudri Premium Dates

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  • Khudri dates are larger in size relative to other dates. Khudri is quite a popular date type because it is not unique to any particular country, hence you’ll find it in quite an array of quality types with this date
  • Khudri dates are soft and dark in color, the date is also referred to as Khadrawi and Khadrawy.
  • The meaning of the word in Arabic translates to the color green due to the fact that when the date is in its Rutab state it is very green in color.
  • Apart from the fact that dates are a good source of natural sugars, Khudri dates are very rich in magnesium, and also a great source of fiber so they are very supportive of a healthy digestive system.


Storage Condition

Keep  Khudri Dates in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, or in the refrigerator, if the room or cupboard environment is hot and humid. Place in an airtight container or heavy-duty zip-lock plastic bags for better storage.

Customer Reviews

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Vilas Sukhadeve

Khudri Premium Dates

very dried

It seems dates have been stored in warehouse for many days , doesn't look fresh and not good quality

arqam ansari

Wrong items sent. Also the sent dates get ruined fast.

Isha Shah

Khudri Premium Dates

vishwanath kalambate
Quality is differ...

Generally I used to buy from your shops......but the quality of products purchased online is not good or same as compared to purchased from your shops. It is my observation.

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