• Chile Walnut Without Shell
  • Chile Walnut Without Shell

Chile Walnut Without Shell - Akhrot

Chile Walnut Without Shell - Akhrot

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Walnut, which is claimed to be very oily and high in calories by some people, has been … to heart health and metabolism and is very rich in nutritional value.

Chile Walnuts

  • Are rich in ‘heart healthy unsaturated fats
  • Contain the most plant-based omega-3 out of any tree nut
  • Provide 10 vitamins & minerals which support energy
  • Are a source of vitamin B1, B2, and B6
  • Provide the minerals  biotin, magnesium, phosphorus, iron & manganese
  • Are rich in copper and zinc which contribute to immune function & maintenance of normal skin and hair
  • Contain 4g of plant-based protein per 30g serving

About this Item

  • Walnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential fats that have numerous benefits for health.
  • Chilean Walnuts (Akhort) are good for the skin as they are packed with vitamin B
  • It is a natural antioxidant that helps in fighting the free radicals induced.
  • Inshell Walnuts can add an earthy, fruity, and mildly tart flavor and tender texture to your breakfast.

Customer Reviews

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Vikas Gadpayle
Packing regarding

I use to purchase Medjool date every time and order for 500 gm each time
I found packing expensive and quantity of data less
Please clarify

Sajeev George

Chile Walnut Without Shell - Akhrot

Bhagyalakshmi Menon

The walnuts have a peculiar taste

Deepa Kaul

Chile Walnut Without Shell - Akhrot

Ajai Kumar

Taste is good

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