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Iranian Pistachio - Pista No 2

Iranian Pistachio - Pista No 2

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Native to Central Asia and the Middle East, pistachios usually grow in desert areas. The trees that bear the seed can survive up to 300 years. Pistachios are high in antioxidants and low in calories. Even though they are low in calories, they’re a good source of protein. They aid in weight loss and keep the gut clean. They’re known to reduce the risk of heart disease in many ways.

No oil is added during the cooking process, only salt to give you the right amount of flavor. Since pistachios contain vitamins and minerals, they make for a nutritious, heart-healthy snack. Instead of chips or candy, grab a handful of pistachios—they'll leave you feeling energized and satisfied at the same time.

How to use:

Can be easily eaten as a snack, salad garnish, or pizza topping. Can even be added to baking.

Customer Reviews

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Nachiket Gandhi
Bad Quality

They were rancid.

Nagaraja Subbarao

Iranian Pistachio - Pista No 2

Dr Aparna Muralidharan

Premium Iranian Pistachio No.2- Pista

rajesh b

Premium Iranian Pistachio No.2- Pista

Nivethaa Shree Chid

Please make upgrade my website in such a way the customer can specify the quantity they prefer.
Bonus points should be given for Customer who purchase regularly

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