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There’s a common misconception that while you are dieting you must skip meals and avoid many foods. This is completely wrong. Such a form of dieting is called a Fad Diet, which may deliver you the results for a short period of time, but in the long run you might feel your health depreciating. Following a fad diet may result in lack of vitamins and other supplements in your body and give you a weak physical appearance. In addition to this you may also face other health issues like weak muscles, brittle nails and teeth, lackluster hair, discolored face etc. Don’t want to miss out on the joy of eating while dieting? Let’s find out how you must follow a balanced diet.

  • DO NOT Skip meals
  • Every single meal is important for your health. Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day. Why shouldn’t you miss your meal? Have you ever thought about it? When you skip breakfast, you may feel bloating, lowering of blood sugar levels, headache etc and also you might be behind your nutrient levels. It’s better to have a good and fulfilling breakfast before you run to school or work. Have a wholesome breakfast so that you can stay energized throughout the day. 

    1. Eat fruit and Juice vegetables

    This is a lesser known fact. You must eat your fruit and juice your vegetables for the best results. Also include a fruit of your choice in your daily diet. Also, make sure not to eat the same fruit every day because one, you might get bored eating the same fruit, and two, some fruits like mango and papaya are high in sugar, so eating the same fruit might not be a good idea. 

  • A wheaty diet
  • Many people have a misconception that if you avoid rice and eat a lot of wheat containing foods, then it will help in your weight management programs. But many don't know that both rice and wheat contain almost the same amount of calories. One serving of wheat gives you 132 calories while the same amount of rice gives you 130 calories. Both of them are high in calories. What matters is in what quantity you eat. You must not overeat thinking that wheat is better than rice. Also wheat contains gluten which might not be good for your gut. 

  • Avoiding Fats
  • There are two types of fat- Good Fat and Bad Fat. The difference between them is that good fats improve your heart health while bad fats reduce your heart health. Some of the foods that contain good fats are olive oil, flaxseed, raw nuts etc. It’s recommended that you include these kinds of good fats in your diet for a better healthy routine. Avoid foods that contain bad fats like pastries, cakes, processed meats etc. If you really love having rice, then you should include that in your diet in moderation. This way you won’t have to skip your favorite dishes.

  •  Skipping your favorite foods.
  • It's fine to avoid foods such as pizzas, ice cream, cakes, and fried foods if they are your favorites, but it's not necessary to avoid healthy foods if you consume them in moderate amounts. Some of them might like drinking milk, having butter, chicken, etc. But you might be afraid to consume it thinking about the calorie content. But little do you know that you can safely consume all of these, if you plan out your diet and include them in moderate quantities.

    1. Do not miss Proteins

    As you all know proteins are the building blocks of our body. This is essential for building and repairing muscles, and can be found in foods such as lean meats, eggs, and legumes. It’s important to include the right amount of protein in your diet because consuming enough protein can help maintain muscle mass, which is important for overall health and fitness. Protein is needed for the production of antibodies and other immune cells, which help to protect the body against infection and disease.

    So, these are some of the things you mustn't miss out on while you are dieting. Another thing must be kept in mind while dieting. That is Snacking. Snacking keeps you fuller for longer time and you won’t overeat your next meal if you do snacking in the right amount. If you are looking for some best snacking items, then you can go visit your nearest Ajfan store or buy our products online. We have got some of the best snacking items like Ajfan Almonds, Acacia Honey 100% pure, Ajfan Nut butters, Ajfan Mamra Almonds, Ajfan Premium Date Syrup etc. Now you won’t have to run out on the best snacking options!