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5 Healthier Sweets for Special Occasions

Festive seasons and special occasions come with a lot of fun and joy. Food is the primary attraction at any event. Nothing can replace the exhilaration we get when we think about good food. We enjoy eating at parties and special events and sometimes we may be driven by guilt after a very big and scrumptious meal. What if we add something tasty but healthy to the menu? What if we replace some sweets with good , healthy and nutrient-rich snacks and delicacies? Let’s see 5 healthier snacks you can include during special events.

  • Dates, Dry Fruits and Nuts Combo snacks

  • Dates, Dry Fruits and Nuts are some of the best snacking options that you can try for special events and occasions. Different recipes of dates like dates cake, dates and cashew combo, dates syrup, dates milkshakes etc are some of the healthier options you could try for short events and festivals. Ajfan’s Medjoul Jordan Premium Dates are the perfect option if you are looking for the best date variety. Mejdoul dates are rich in potassium and help improve the functioning of our nervous system. Mejdoul dates contain folate, pantothenic acid and niacin which helps in improving our metabolic system. Dry fruits help in lowering your cholesterol level and normalizing your blood pressure levels. Nuts contain healthy fats which helps you in maintaining your cholesterol levels and also a good source of dietary fiber. Almonds, Pista, Cashew, Walnut, etc are some of  the best nuts for your health. 


  • Dates Delicacies

    Dates are a good source of carbohydrates. They are rich in antioxidants and iron. For special occasions we can prepare delicious dates dishes like dates milkshake, dates cake, dates halwa, dates chocolate, dates kheer etc. There are different types of dates you can choose from. Omani dates, Mejdoul dates, Mazafati dates, Barhi dates etc are some of the options you have for your recipes. Preparation of these recipes are also simple and easy. By using dates as a natural sweetener, we can avoid the use of refinery sugar and other sugar products. Hence helps in maintaining an optimum blood sugar level.

  • Nuts and Dates Bar
  •           Dates and nuts bars are so delicious and also healthy. It's filling and helps you with your hunger pangs.On an average a bar of dates and nuts mix contains 63 calories. You can even add some cardamom powder to the dates and nuts bar mix to enhance the taste. This is a healthy bar for children as well elderly people.

  • Roasted nuts and fruits combo
  •                            Fruit and nuts snack is a delicious mixture to crunch on. This mixture will keep you fuller for longer hours and will prevent you from overeating your next meal. Let's see a very simple recipe. Roast some cashews and almonds in low flame till a light brown color is formed. Take a handful of pomegranate and a few dates and mix all of these together. A yummy and simple snack is ready to eat. Pomegranate is a fruit that is  low in calories but high in fiber. This along with nuts and dates is the perfect nutrition for your body. 

  • Salads
  •  Just like the above ones, salads are filling and keep away your cravings. A fruit based salad would be the best choice. You can make the salad with your  favorite fruits and nuts and dress it with a milk based cream. Quick and easy salad is ready. 

    Special occasions come with a lot of happiness.. We have all your favorite nuts, dates and chocolates. Some of our premium nuts are Cashew Nut Plain, Almond (USA), Pistachios etc. We have Holy Ajwa Dates, Super Premium Afghan Figs (Anjeer) and many more. Let the happiness begin with Ajfan.