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A Buddha Bowl Recipe You Can’t Not Try

Did you know that a Buddha bowl has nothing to do with Buddha? Now, if cultural appropriation infuriates you, you should probably look away. It is commonly said that Buddha ate his food from a bowl. However, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that this is where the name came from.

The truth is that they were named after Buddha in order to tap into the health market. Yoga originated from Indian holy texts, which gave rise to several religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Despite the spiritual origins of Yoga, most westerners who practice yoga do not believe in any sort of religion. The spiritual links of yoga have long been used to give businesses in the health industry extra gravitas. Buddha bowls would be one of the most relevant examples of this.

Now, let’s take a look at what exactly Buddha bowls are. A Buddha bowl can be defined as a vegetarian meal that is served in a single bowl, which contains several small portions of food served cold. Quinoa, brown rice, chickpeas, tofu and vegetables are common foods served in a Buddha bowl. One explanation for the nomenclature could be the presentation of a balanced meal, where the idea of balance is key in Buddhism. Yet another interesting explanation is that it is named for the round Buddha belly shape. Anyways, one fact is true – it tastes amazing!

We have crafted the perfect Buddha bowl recipe just for you. Do you know what makes it even more perfect than it already is? Ajfan Medjoul Jordan Dates.

Here are the ingredients required to make this mouth-watering Masoor Dal Buddha Bowl with Ajfan Medjoul Jordan Dates:

Red lentils
Basmati rice



Clove Garlic



Curry powder

Chilly powder


Olive oil

Ajfan Medjoul Jordan Dates

First of all, boil 70 grams of red lentils in water for around half an hour. Simultaneously, boil 60 grams of basmati rice in another pot. Drain and reserve both of them once boiled. Then, you have to heat some olive oil in a large pan. Add half an onion grated and sauté. Mince the garlic and ginger and add them to it. Sauté for another two minutes. Chop up the tomato and add it. Mix everything together before adding the spices (turmeric, chilly powder and curry powder). Add a pinch of salt and stir briefly. Add this mix to the boiled red lentils and mix. Cover it with something and simmer over low heat. Do this for about ten minutes. Plcae the rice on one side of a bowl and the lentils on the other. Garnish with Ajfan Medjoul Jordan Dates. You can also use walnuts or pecans if required. You can go to our store online and find the finest quality pecans and walnuts amongst others.

This recipe is bound to leave you wanting more. This is not only highly nutritious, but also highly hydrating. This is simple to prepare and time-saving. For more healthy and easy recipes, stay tuned.